Meditation Course

Meditation in Potsdam
with Bishnu Kumar Karki, certified yoga teacher from Nepal

Meditation classes every Tuesday from 5:30 – 7 pm
In the rooms of the Himalaya Yoga & Ayurveda Zentrum Potsdam

About meditation
tatra pratyaya-ekatånatå dhyånam
tatra - there, at that place
pratyaya - perception
ekatånatå – unceasing
dhyåna – meditation

The entire sentence (sýtra) thus means: In the state of dhyåna (meditation), perception is unceasingly focused at one single place

When we let our stream of perception flow continuously with our mind completely focused on a single object, we are in a state of meditation. During meditation our mind unites with the calm Prana (soul). Through meditation we can simplify our outer life and strengthen our inner life. Our mind is calm and alert, distracting thoughts and wishes cannot enter. With a calm mind we can perceive the energy of All That Is within us, and our entire being becomes an empty vessel. In this state we are then ready to receive infinite peace, infinite light, and infinite happiness.
Direct positive effects of meditation can include: increased calmness, better sleep and increased concentration. Meditation is therefore a helpful tool for people experiencing chronic stress and burn out. It helps heal mental fatigue, chronic headaches and chronic back problems. Additionally, the musculature of the back is strengthened, leading to an improved posture.

You can join our meditation practice at any time.

A 10 class card costs €120 and can be freely used within a period of 3 months.

A single class costs €15. You can start classes at any time. Ask for a trial lesson.

Teacher: Bishnu Kumar Karki is a certified teacher of classical Hatha yoga. From his early childhood on he was trained in the family tradition of classical Hatha yoga by his father. Later he also received training in Kriya yoga from the Indian yogi Dhiranandaji. Since 1995 Bishnu Kumar Karki teaches classical Hatha yoga and meditation, as well as yoga and ayurveda seminars in Germany and Switzerland. He also leads yoga trekking trips to Nepal and Tibet. He was born and raised in Nepal, where the practice of yoga is deeply rooted in the culture of the country. It is his joy and honor to teach yoga and meditation in the tradition of his family and his Indian teacher here in Europe. Bishnu currently lives in Potsdam, Germany. His aim is to build bridges between the culture of the East and the West. To understand different cultural view points and to find ones own truth among them enriches the life of every person.

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