Business Yoga

For you and your employees: Business yoga – yoga for the Office

I have specialized in physical exercises for employees who spend most of their time with desk work. I teach business yoga before or after work, or during breaks. This increases the health and motivation of employees. If you do not have the space to offer a yoga class, your employees are of course welcome in my practice rooms. I also teach these classes during the weekend, usually as a compact seminar.

These yoga classes will enable the participants to build a personal yoga practice, to practice independently, consciously and in their own flow. These exercises can be incorporated into their daily routine.

‘Business Yoga’ or ‘Yoga for the Office’ helps to reduce stress and tension and gives new strength. The exercises are rooted in the traditional Hatha yoga forms and are specifically designed for desk workers. They emphasize stretching and strengthening the muscles of the belly, neck and shoulders. Breathing exercises balance the effects of desk work.

Yoga can alleviate

  • back pain
  • high blood pressure
  • chronic insomnia
  • restlessness
  • depression
  • concentration problems
  • burn out
  • and leads to physical and mental health, thus reducing costs due to absence of employees

Participants will experience increased concentration, stamina and efficiency. Yoga unfolds creativity and leads to inner peace, happiness and contentment. Taking yoga classes with colleagues also strengthens the team spirit.

I grew up in Nepal. Yoga is deeply engrained in Nepalese culture, a part of everyday life. In my class a complete lecture is carefully sequenced, starting with a beginning meditation, followed by breathing and physical exercises and closing with a deep relaxation.

I offer yoga classes for executives and other employees. It is recommended to participate for at least 10 sessions or one seminar to enable an independent practice. The fee is dependent on the number of participants. A 60 minute class with 10 participants costs for instance 100 €. The price for a weekend seminar depends on the individual wishes.

I’m looking forward to working with your employees!

Bishnu Karki