Tibet, the “Roof of the World”, the “The Land of Snow” has so much to offer you. There are grand, majestic mountain ranges, pristine lakes and the fascinating interweaving of religious and worldly lives, with the many monasteries that are fully integrated into the every day lives of the Tibetans. Already Lhasa is worth a trip, with the Jokhang Temple, a national heritage and of course the Potala Palace, where the Dalai Lamas used to reside. But also the Tashilhünpo Monastery, the residence of the 11th Panchen Lama in Shigatse and the holy mountain Kailash in Western Tibet are gems waiting to be discovered. Whenever possible, we are working with Tibetans during our trips.

Tibet Tours
Pilgrimage from Simikot over the Holy Lake Manasarovar to the Holy Kailash Mountain

Pilgrimage from Simikot over the Holy La…

This pilgrimage will lead us for five days through Western Nepal to...

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22 Days Yoga, Meditation and Culture in Tibet Lhasa and Kailash

22 Days Yoga, Meditation and Culture in …

22 Day Pilgrimage through the Central Tibetan Plateau and around the Holy...

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14 Days Culture in Tibet

14 Days Culture in Tibet

14 Day Trip to Kathmandu, Lhassa, Gyantse and Shigatse, through Central Tibet...

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Tibet Info
During travel, we will stay in Kathmandu before and after departure to Tibet. In Kathmandu, we will overnight in small or medium-sized, classic Nepalese three or four star hotels, located in the center of the capital. They are beautiful, comfortable, clean and well maintained and have own yoga rooms.

In Lhasa, Gyantse, Shigatse also possible to overnight in three or four star hotels according to avilable base. If not then, we will manage camp or offers simple guesthouses.

After Nepal (Kathmandu), we preferably use the convenient flights from Qatar Airways, with transit in Doha also the pleasant flights of Thai Airways, Gulf Airways and Indian Air, with short stops. From Kathmandu to Lhasa we will fly with Air China.

Overland trips
Basically, we will drive by private jeeps, mostly Japanese manufacturing. They are ideal for the partially bad road conditions. Sometimes you need to overland travel a little serenity. The trip can be combined with uncertainties, eg, as a result of weather conditions, possible landslides or car breakdowns

Food and Drink
Please bring calorie supplies such as biscuits, chocolate and sweets. Sufficient drinking water is also necessary that can be purchased.

You should always be healthy when you go on a trip. In Lhasa, there is avilability of medical in the case of urgency but in country side it is not so. Therefore, each trip participant should carry a first aid kit (including medicine taken continuously). A mandatory vaccinations are not prescribed in Tibet. Please examined medically, if the trip will take you to heights of over 4000 m.

Altitude sickness
Participants who wish to travel to Tibet, is the most worry about the problem of altitude sickness. In high altitude because of thin layer of air, the lavel of oxygen decreases. Changing the altitude suddenly, for example, travel by car or plane, the body cannot adapt well and so we have to be attentive. Altitude sickness often makes the following symptoms: head sealed sides ache, dizziness, difficult for breathing, fatigue, insomnia. On a trip to Tibet, interested people who have heart disease or high blood pressure should consult with their physician.

Because of the risk of altitude sickness during the tour we give our more time to acclimatise. It is important to drink a lot and rest.

Tips for adapting to the climate of the plateau:

Slow movements: On arrival, it is better to move slowly and often take breaks.
Drink lots of water.
Maintain a constant body temperature and watch that you do not catch a cold.
Bring emergency painkillers with that do not make you drowsy.
Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.
At the completion of travel and baggage insurance we will be happy to assist you.

Climate and appropriate clothing
From May to October is the best time to travel in Tibet. Please bring warm clothes, including thermal innerwear, down jacket and sleeping bag. In Tibet, the temperature between day and night is always vast difference. Please have also a linen cloth, a pair for about 3000 m altitude, sunscreen with a high sun protection factor (in Tibet, the UV radiation is exceptionally strong). With our travel confirmation, we will inform you via the expedient clothes for your trip.

Passport and visa requirements:
We arrange for the necessary travel permits for Tibet.

Visa is require for Nepal. A visa you get without problem on arrival at the airport in Kathmandu and other border points or in the Nepalese embassies and consulates. A visa costs $ depending on the period from 35.00 to 100.00 US.

For entry, it requires a valid passport in addition to the visa. Please take a sufficient number of passport photographs (min. 4 pieces) for visa.

Note, all travel information relating to:

A liability for the accuracy and completeness of the information or any liability for any damage or loss sustained is not accepted. The decision to participate in one of our trips, is solely your responsibility.