Ayurveda Panca-Karma Therapy

This Ayurveda classical full Pancakarma treatment we have on offer for individuals is conducted on a daily basis for half days. It is suitable for people who would like to concentrate exclusively on physical and sensory experiences and would like to give their minds a rest. They can take advantage of the wide range of available Ayurvedic oil massages, numerous forms of treatment and consultations with the doctor.

Pancakarma is a process designed to support and to maintain this inner harmony, in an effort to become more in tuned with the life process. This healing package includes subtle knowledge on the benefits of Pancakarma, natural products, and the classical Pancakarma techniques. These techniques are Snehana (oleation), Svedana (sudation) as a Purva Karma (pre Pancakarma), Vamana (emesis), Virecana (purgation), Asthapana Basti (cleansing colon irrigation), Anuvasana Basti (nutritive colon irrigation), and Nasya (errhine) as a Pradhana Karma (main Pancakarma and Samsarjana-Karma (post Pancakarma). Purva karma's are basically designed for herbal formulations to reach into the subtle cellular level as a friendly component and to dissolve the accumulated toxins in the body and return them to the circulating canals. Pradahana Karma's are designed to expel these morbid toxins, (amas) and to provide nutrition to the cellular level. Post Panca karmas are followed by ideal routines, diets and herbal preparations after each procedure. Panca karma is cleansing, detoxifying, rejuvenating and also curative. The main objective is to restore harmony and balance. Each of these karmas is required to be followed with individual constitution study. Whilst performing Panca karmas, it is important to follow the natural, biological rhythms and classical guidelines. Here, the body, senses and mind are in inner cellular transformation and this process demands patience and time. Then only can the subtle changes lead to more significant progress. Initially, the body and mind feels weak and begins to cleanse and restore the system. Feelings of lightness, clarity of thoughts, inner harmony, and restoration of natural hunger, sleep, and bowel habits follows.

Package Treatment
  • Regular Consultation & Counseling
  • Yoga/Meditation/Pranayama
  • Neti Karma
  • Eye Exercise/Eye Wash
  • Mouth Oiling & Gargling
  • Whole Body Relaxation Abhyanga
  • Whole Body Synchronized Cleansing
  • Abhyanga
  • Whole Body Cleansing Abhyanga
  • Spinal Program
  • Head & Foot Program
  • Whole Body Ubatan Abhyanga (Paste Massage)
  • Whole Body Steam
  • Facial Beauty Package
  • Pinda Sveda (Bolus Sudation including Paste Application)
  • Picu (Hot Oil Sponging)
  • Siro Dhara - (Dripping Oil on the Forehead)
  • Siro Basti (Oil on your head/Crown Cakra)
  • Cakra Basti (Herbal Oil Irrigation on Cakra)
  • Relaxation Head Abhyanga
  • Relaxation Facial Abhyanga
  • Netra Tarpana (Eye therapy)
  • Medicated Ghee
  • Vaman
  • Virecana
  • Basti Asthapana (Morning)
  • Basti Anuvasana (Morning)
  • Sirovirecana Program
  • Karna Purana
  • Whole Body Oil Bath
  • Herbal Tub Bath
  • Citz Bath
  • Ayurveda Class
Target People
People who like to:
Harmonize and balance doshas
Cleanse and detoxify their system
Rejuvenate and invigorate their life

People who are in a transitional stage of their life:
Menopausal syndrome (female or male)
Retired and looking for a healthier life
Deep emotional and job stress
Our Aim
To improve the function of subtle body canals, energy fields and intelligence
To harmonize the inner cellular transformation
Promotes feelings of lightness of the body and clarity of thoughts. Restoration of natural functioning of hunger, sleep, and bowel habits and urges. The body starts to discover its natural rhythms and harmony progresses further.
Detailed Information
Life is a functional union of body, senses, mind and soul. In a subtle understanding, life is a dynamic and ever changing phenomenon. It involves self-regenerating, self-eliminating and self healing knowledge. Internally, we harmonize our body, mind, senses and soul with physiology, emotion and intelligence and externally harmonize with time, food, nature and the cosmos. Furthermore, nature's journey is made harmonious with health, happiness and love. During our intellectual process of self-regulation, we may become ignorant or disrespectful of our natural rhythms, and this makes us susceptible to feelings unease, unhappiness and we may become sick.

In regards to the classical understanding of Ayurvedic principles, normally there are three courses of Pancakarma. The minimum course is 28 days, the second course is 57 days and the third course is 120 days. Following the principle guidelines and the basic truth of Ayurveda, we have designed the following Pancakarma therapy packages. At this time, we offer both the 28 and 57 days courses of Pancakarma therapy.